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10 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS FOR CHANGE AGENTS ! Ojf!Ntwlx!yjfhmnsl!kwtr!ymj! Midwest Leadership Summit 14 GETTING FROM HERE TO THERE We need a plan and a process Plus: Interactive Team Exercise 23 STUDENT MINISTRY, JESUS' STYLE A new look at the next generation 32 INTERACTIVE Victory laps MULTIMEDIA JOURNALIST Andrew Woodrow Published three times each year, Resource provides new information about IBSA ministries, equipping opportunities, and services. This periodical is sent free of charge to church leaders. To request more copies for your leaders, contact Resource is also available online at http://resource. For questions about subscriptions, articles, or events contact the IBSA Communications team at (217) 391-3119 or e-mail: POSTMASTER: Resource is owned and published 3 times each year (Jan., May, and Sept.) by the Illinois Baptist State Association, 3085 Xyj{jsxts!Iwn{j1!Xuwnsljqi1! Illinois 62703-4440. 01 2 Eric Reed Pick up the pace 6 Rich Cochran ! ! Qjfinsl!nszjsynfq!qjfijwx 7 Carmen Halsey ! ! Ymj!rnxxnts!jqi! j!ktwlty 8 Steve Hamrick ! ! Mfwi2yt2si!wjhwznyx 9 Mark Emerson The ultimate list PLANNER 17 Calendars & events 22 Summer outreach ideas 26 Interactive: Seasonal Worksheet EQUIPPING 28 Students & kids 29 Missions & services 31 Leadership development

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